Fashion & Art Academy, Lagos

HenriettaCoco Chanel during her remarkable career in fashion once said, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

Indeed. Fashion encompassses numerous disciplines: business, law, music, politics, anthropology, journalism and so forth. As such, teaching the next generation of fashion industry professionals all about fashion is very important.

House of Henri’s Henrietta Agboola has been doing just that with her school Fashion & Art Academy located in Lagos. Recipient of the Best Designer of the Year Award 2005 and author of fashion books ‘Sewing Made Easy’ and ‘Jewelry Craft and Bead Stringing Made Easy’ Agboola’s Fashion & Art Academy offers courses in fashion design, millenery, jewelry crafting, bridals and more.

Visit House of Henri for more information.
~Picture/Photocredit: Henrietta Agboola

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  1. hey, i want to know more about the fahion school, ithink am intrested. pls reply me on my mail or 08077370101

  2. hello! please where are u located in Lagos? what is the fee like and many months will the trainning last?

  3. Please I will like to knw ur fee for 3months. I can’t wait to start,am really interested. Thanks

  4. Good day. Am damilola. pls am very much interested in a professional course in fashion. pls i will like to have details from u with the neccessary fees. thanks. my phone no is 08090902461.

  5. inquiry,on fashion school

  6. hello! please where are u located in Lagos? what is the fee like and many months will the trainning last?my no 08051508785.u can also reach me tru my e mail

  7. h!pls can i know more about u guys?interested in running a program with ur academy.need indepth information.thanks

  8. Hi, i’v made enquiry about the training, belief me it aint for the low class! it is just essesntially for the top class…meaning it is too expensive, it wld be more appreciated if they cld contribute to the society by making the fee affordable.


  9. pls i want to know more about your school,i am whole heartedly intrested in the best,which is you.what are the criterias and what is the duration of learning.

  10. pls i ll like to know more about the Academy..Thanks

  11. pls i wld like infomation about your school, about costs and program schedules. Pls send to my mail box. I would like to get this information as soon as possible.

  12. Pls I will like to know about the Academy, cost of enrolling,program schedule. Pls send me a mail as soon as possible.

  13. Pls i would like to know where u r located n what ur fee is like

  14. Hi,i like to know the cost of training,and duration of the courses.thanks

  15. let me know more about ur school. thaks

  16. Pls i wil like no ur location,fee and duration of month!do u hv wknd programm

  17. PLs kindly send me details about the school. Im intereted.

  18. Pls I would like to know the fees month duration and if u offer part-time trainning u can reach me on 08067908144

  19. pls i want to know about your fashion school,i have a daughter who is not doing well in school ,but has amazing talents in field of fashion.she is 14 you admit this age and also do you have boarding house for them?

  20. please i will like to join your school but how much does it require and do you have hostel or accommodation for those that are not staying at lagos and where do you locate.pls reply soon.

  21. pls i’d love to know more abt the fees, courses offered and the duration. My no is 07032338885.

  22. hi, pls do get back to me on ur location, courses, duration, fees, etc. i need it urgently. thanks

  23. pls i like to know abt ur fashion school, ur location, duration , fee, assurance, pls i need it urgently

  24. am interested in fashion and wish to learn it.pls i will like to know the fashion school,location,duration,fee and other requirment pls you can contact me on 018210980

  25. pls i would like to know more especially the cost of enrolment and fee, duration especially for the fashion design and bridals. thank you.

  26. pls want to know more about the school, the location fees etc. thanks

  27. Good day,
    I would like to know more about the fashion training the costs
    and the programs.thanks my email add. is

  28. I will like to get info on how to enroll, if part time, duration and cost.. Location of your school.

  29. pls, i really want to know about the fees and ur location,and also ur training programms,how long does it last.
    so dat i can come and enroll.thks.

  30. i want to know how the program is run,location and the cost.thanks

  31. how much does ur training cost? i can sew adequately…i can draft pattern (bodice and skirt)but i need additional training for advance designing

  32. i realy apreciate ur great work.i hv bin lukin for hw to enroll in a fashion thank God i found 1.pls can i know all the basic course u offer and hw long wil it take and d fees.jacob

  33. good day,
    please need information abt your fashion house, wat your fee is and duration, and wen is the next session.

  34. hi, need info on ur location, training duration and fees. i would appreciate a quick response. thanks

  35. my name is charles matthew my finance is very good in fashion desgin, i really want to know more about ur company so she can come and learn more, so how will i go about it because she is on my neck please give me ur information.

  36. pls where are u located in lagos

  37. hello,my name is Ifey and designing has been my passion for a very long time.pls i need to know about your contact number is 08169914622 or me mail through

  38. hello, i salute u for wonderful work u have been doing. i will be very glad if u can send all the necessary information on how to receive a training from ur organisation.please send the information via my email address.

  39. i need to the cost of training and the duration. send to

  40. Pls I need information about d duration,fees,accomodation and location of ur fashion school as soon as possible cos I want to start soon and I need info.thanks.

  41. My email is Pls I need information about d duration,fees,accomodation and location of ur fashion school as soon as possible cos I want to start soon and I need info.thanks.

  42. How can i be admitted into your school. Pls reply via email. I am very much interested. Thanks

  43. Hi am juliet I’ll love to enroll in your fashion school how will I locate the place and I also need information on how the fees is like..pls I need feed back as soon as possible cos I realy want to do this. Thanks!!

  44. Hello..” I D̶̲̅o̲̣п̥̥̲̣̣̣’t knw… If U̶̲̥̅̊ ‘r gonna be reading this msg”’ but A̶̲̥̅♏ really intrested i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ 1 ♌ those course..” But i wanna know the price,hours and duration… Is Ȋ̝̊̅† gonna be 2months” or 6months”’.. Please get back τ̲̅Ơ̴͡ M̶̲̅ε̲̣ cos have sen’t several messages…” Here’s my number 07084064738…” Thanks

  45. hello,im so interested in your institution.pls hw do i get do full details of your programme?i ve being into designing and sewing for some time,but still want to develop myself.pls send an email to me as u get my message.i’ll be anxiously waiting.thanks.

  46. hollo
    am lisa and i would want to no what requirment are needed for the traning and how much it will cost.thanks

  47. i need info on ur traning process.

  48. i would like to knw more about your fashion program i.e amount,location,duration and lots more

  49. I wud luv 2 enrol into dskul.pls send all the details 2my email or 08131099849.tanks

  50. GOOD DAY

  51. pls alot of questions has asked pls reply me….i want 2 no d coursed,duration and mode registration….pls i need it urgently….08160760067….tanx

  52. Tuma,

    We do not have this information. You need to contact the school directly.


  53. There are no contact details on the page for House of Henri. Can they please make this availabe for ease of enquiry?

  54. Good day ma,pls what’s the duration of the course and how much will it cost? Pls get bk to me as soon as possible via email. tanx

    Yours in style,

  55. I like ur training school but im base in ph. Wanna knw if u hv hostel accommodatn 4 those of us outside lag. and also d sch. Fees requirement 2.

  56. I like ur training school but im base in ph. Wanna knw if u hv hostel accommodatn 4 those of us outside lag. and also d sch. Fees requirement 2. U can send d details my mail or my phone: 07037584306

  57. please, im interested in fashion training but im based in warri. how do i train with you? do you have books for self training?

  58. I Ilike ur traing school, plz how can i apply? 08031865775

  59. pls i want to enrol in ur school.d challenges am facin is no to support me so i wil lik to be learnio it evenings or weekends pls help me an send an email.

  60. Am interested in your fashion shool how much it cost for 6month am ready pls get back to me on 08089956620

  61. pls i need information abt ur sch cos am really intereted, d month duration n fees

  62. hello i also want 2 knw d location n courses offered contact tru ma no. 07065302330 or my email thanks

  63. Am intrested in the training, pls can u tell mi more abt it,do u guys do unisex.?let me knw the amount and how to go about it..pls i need it ugently..txt mi wit dis no 08069022620.thanks

  64. pls can i have a means of contact with you.this is my num 237 77144257.thanx

  65. Hi,
    I want to inquire about the school. I am interested in the school. I want to know how much it cost and how to enroll. you can contact me on 07033613040, 08038390080

  66. Plz I wld luv 2know d fee 4d training,duration?aam so mch interested

  67. Are there any fashion schools in Abuja?

  68. am really thrilled by the fashion world, fashion is my life… i will like to be one of ur students.were are you people located, whats the fee and how many months do you tutor…. fnx

  69. pls u can send the details about ur school thru my mail box or 07036861442….fnx

  70. Hi pls I would want to know the fees attached to the fashion school and the time duration because I am really interested

  71. I would like to know the fees to the fashion school n all other details thru my mail or 08036592616 thanks.

  72. please how can i apply for it within three month,and i would love too know ,i want too start september.

  73. Am intrested in the training, just need details of fees, your location
    And I need to know to be part of your student

  74. Pls send me d cost of enrolmnt,locatn and duratn Asap. Thanks. 07037698757

  75. Dis is what av bin looking for,for so long.ȋ̝̊̅ av passion for fashion.dat’s M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ dream,ȋ̝̊̅ want to ß a professional designer,want to rule dis world wit fashion.pls cld u send ♍ε †ђξ location.tuition fee.duration,n U̶̲̥̅̊я area of specialization.u can contact ♍ε on 08057741169 or 08062012520 or 07044640

  76. ȋ̝̊̅ av passion for fashion,want to ß a professional in it,could u pls send ♍ε †ђξ location,tuition fee,area of specializatn,n all necessary detail u think ȋ̝̊̅ shld ♍ε on 08057741163,08062012520,07044640352

  77. U know,day in day out we all try to be good sons or daughters to our parents.If married we try to be good wives or good husbands,good girlfriends or boyfriends etc.But we sometimes forget to take time out for u,me.Am a law student,500level.Yes I enjoy the law but I want to fill fulfilled and I feel joining this academy will be rewarding,fashion designing is my passion.I want to do this for me..please I would really appreciate it if all the necessary details on how to get in,how many months for the training,fees,etc..I would like to use this holiday to get started..pls get back to me soon via my email

  78. Plss can i get ur contact, I’m interested in learning. Thank you

  79. i stumbled on this site on google in y desperate search for a fashion school in Nigeria. my name i Eshun Oluwadamilola so i would like more information on how to enroll and payment procedures. my email addy is

  80. I need full information on dis academy, how d programs r run e.t.c Am interested in running a program. Thanks

  81. please sir/ma i will need more information of the academy, i.e the tuition fee, duration, location and maybe qualifications. you can reply through my email ID. Thanks.

  82. My name is Oluwakemi,pls I really want 2 knw more about ur design. Hw much is d fee? is installmental payment allowed? nd wat is d year or month of duration. u can mail me on facebook Lasisi Olukemi Amina Ebony or I await ur reply soon.Thanks.

  83. Hi,could u pls send me the necessary information about this academy,including the fee,accomodation and duration.thanks

  84. Pls  need the details about the fees and the duration. I’m really interested.

  85. U,r a woman par excellence. i got a copy of your book, basic course, looking forward 2 also purchasing d others as well.

  86. hello, i admire your work and i would luv to know more about your program (fees, duration, available courses). hope to hear from you soon, thanks

  87. I Toyosi a graduate who has a great passion for fashions and Designs. Send the details of your information about the fees and the durations of the programme. Thanks

  88. you are an inspiration…you make me want to work really hard towards acheiving my dreams…i appreciate that..plz kindly send details about your available courses,fee and duration of programmes aavailable..May God guide u through

  89. Hi,am interested in ur fashion sch unisex though kindly send me details fee,duration,location and accommodation arrangement am not based in lag. Thanks my email

  90. I am interested in your fashion academy. pls send me the details for enrollment with the above email.Thanks.

  91. Actually,i wanna go into fashion designing,sewing and making dress of all kind with the exception of Agbada,and i wanna know wot it requires and how to collect the form,hw many months and how much will the total package be,waiting to hear from u soonest.This is mai mobile numba:08062123563 or 08191762396

  92. Hi,
    Pls am intrested,how much wil it cost and the course duration.Thank you

  93. Need detailed info abt your dress making / fashion design programm, your offices addresses, and learning durations and fees

  94. pls were is your fashion school located in lagos cos am interested

  95. I have read about your various programmes.
    However, i noticed tuition fee was not included. I will like to know your fee on basic, intermediate and advanced for fashion design.
    I want to know if two or 3stages are combined. The fee for each, the first two and three in one?
    Also, your payment plans. For installment and if there is discount when payment is done at once?

  96. Hav red all i could read in diz site.and was inspired. am a young talented and creative designer i hav passion 4 fassion and pray 2 god 1 day it wud tak me 2 a higher level.meaning 2 become a popular designer bot national and international.but dont no were 2 start 4rm.can any body help me wit any sugestion PLS .my no 08065873393 or e-mail me face bøok me. ID-VICKOCHERRY.tanks god bless niaja.amen.

  97. I’l like 2 knw where u’r located, d fees n d duratn. Thanx

  98. My no 08025784971. Prompt response wil b aprec8d.

  99. hi Ladybrille,please i need to know the ducration of ur training course and how much it can contact me on my e-mail or07033599315.thanks.

  100. Hello,pls I want to kn more abt skool,like d location,skool fee and duration.hoping 2 hear frm u

  101. Pls am highly interestd in this course, av bn searchn 4 dis kind of sch since, m rily hapi to get dis site, ll b glad if i can receive info abt duration, fees, n address as sn as possible on dis no: 08061173790; THANKS!

  102. Pls I already do art on clothin but would like to learn more professional skills.were are u located and wat is ur fees and duration like kindly send that to me becos av been looking for an academy like this for a very long time now

  103. Hi Agboola Fashion Academy,
    Am very much glad to contact you. Pls i would like to receive some more info about your academy, the courses you offer with brief details? the duration? the fee? your location and address? the you offer certificate? how popular and standard your academy is? What is the comparison with studying the fashion and designer in one of the reputable University in Nigeria with your academy?
    Pls i would like to received the response to my question via my mail,

  104. Hi, please i want more info on the fee and duration. Keep up the creativity. Thanks

  105. I am a young customizer and designer, but I want to go professional on my creativity and I think this channel will be the best link for me because of its wide range professional courses offered by I will like to know the location, tuition fee and the requirements. Thanks

  106. hi, pls i would like to know the courses you offer,the tuition fee and durability and where you are located me on my email or dis 08095306194 thanks.

  107. Please i would love to know more about your Fashion School; I work currently but i do hope to start-up something for myself in no distant future. If you offer Part-time studies, it will be most appropriate because of my job. If there is room for my need, kindly furnish me with details of admission, tuition, location and every other important things i need to know. You might want to call or send an sms – 08033946934. Thank you.

  108. Pls i would like to receive some more info about your academy, the courses you offer with brief details? the duration? the fee? your location and address? the you offer certificate?

  109. Im interested in your fashion school. please where is the school located ?

  110. Pls I need full details abt ur fashion school! (Reg fee, tuition fee, hostel fee)I love fashion so much but I don’t know how to sew! Hope is allowed? Pls I need some of the criteria for registration….07063868040

  111. where are you locted in lagos? and how much for a 3-months training.


  112. I want to build a career in fashion designing but don’t know how to go about it.
    Please help send the detail of all i need to start the training, from the scratch. If it is possible, starting the training immediately with you. My e-mail is working, & my no is 08090716322.

    I hope to get a feedback soon.

  113. Hey Guys, I really want to start a career in this fashion thingy…this is my number 08166402507 and youu can also reach me on ma email. Thanks a lot!!

  114. Hi, ¶ would like τ̅☺ enroll i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ τ̣̣ђё academy, please send τ̣̣ђё requirements τ̅☺ ♍Ɣ box- Will ße expecting Ūя̲̅ reply. ‎​†нªηкs

  115. Hi,I’m fred have a passion for fashion and design ,please I would love to know if there is an hostel accomodation there in lagos ,cause I’m from benin,please reply me I would love to know how the application procedure goes.

  116. Hi, the brief record/history of ur sch. is impressive…i’ll like to know what it’ll take, in terms of cost & other pre-requisites for enrollment. & where’s the sch. located?. My email addy:

  117. pls i wil like to know the duration of study in ur academy. Am interested in fashion and design. Wuld also want to know if u offer acomodation cos am nt based in lagos. Also wanna know the amount of the school fees and other necesary fees. Tanx

  118. Inbox me Ūя̲̅ address

  119. Pls, inbox me of ur adress,tuition fees and other necesary fees. Duration of study and wuld also want to knw if u offer acomodation cos am in anambra state. Tanks.

  120. please, i will like to enroll and learn to be the best in your school. i need to know how to go about the registration. how much does it cost, the length of training and where are you located. my email address is

  121. Pls will ℓ©vξ τ̅☺ enroll in Ɣ☺U̶̲̥̅̊я institution want 2know †ђξ duration,wre Ɣ☺U̶̲̥̅̊я located in lagos,if dre ȋ̝̊ڪ accomodation άŋϑ the fee,please really really interested.

  122. hi, am edward okere. am very much interested in fashion, i ll like to kw if u give acomodation, coz am based in RIVERS STATE, nd other fees necesry. my no is 07037093319, nd my email is tnx

  123. hi, am very much interested in fashion, i ll like to kw if u give acomodation, coz am based in RIVERS STATE, nd other fees necesry. my no is 07037093319, nd my email is

  124. hi, am curently learning f/designing in my state, soon as i gets thru, i wnt to come over to ur skool to my knowledge.plz al i needt to nw is the tutorial fee nd ll there b accormodation?. u can reach me on 07037093319 or email me at

  125. I am interested in d fashion course with real practical trainings.How can I get details about the fees,Location,duration etc?

  126. Hi, pls I am interested in your short courses or workshops. There is no info about contact on your web page, how can I get this pls?

  127. sir, i would like to register into the school and train as a closeup stage entertainment magician.the period of training and the fees of this course to me.thanks paul unagha

  128. Pls i need to know more abt the school. Pls inbox or text me. Thanks

  129. Pls I want to make enquiries concerning the tuition,duration,requirements and wen u starts sessions..I’m really interested in d best

  130. How can 1 apply.dis my number 4rm ugh delta state.

  131. I am intrested in the can I apply. 08132296944

  132. Hi,pls i want to know more about your schoo. Where are u located?what areur registration,requirement, tuition fee,duration and other necessary details bcos am interested and wish to start immediately. Pls reply me via my phone no 07033310615. I am looking forward to hearing from u guys soon. Thanks

  133. pls, i want to known where your school is located, months of training,and much they pay.thanks.

  134. Hi,pls I wish to knw where ur school is located in Lagos,d duration of months of training,aw much ur training classes cost$d registration fee.Pls I ‘ll be glad if u ccan reply dis immediately or contact me on 08036306887.Thanks.

  135. i love dis fashion so much.pls i mant 2 knw abt yr fees and other important stuff and yr location plsssssssssss.text me or email 08183062179.

  136. Dear Sister H’

    Thank You so much for teaching me most of the things i know in fashion today… I am really grateful to God that i came in contact with you and your team of tutors… May God keep increasing you daily!

  137. pls i will like to knw d courses offered in ur institution.

  138. i am a fashion designer,i cut and sew both native nd english dress(unisex)i’m undegraduate student studying computer science edu.pls i will like to work with ur organization.pls i will be glad if u send me reply via my email.i am looking forward to hear from you.THANKS.

  139. Does this fashion school accept students for industrial training?

  140. Does this fashion school accept students for industrial training? Really wanna know cus am a student that needs a place for I.T

  141. hi, i lov d world of fashion n style n wana unda go a course, im intrestd in ur academy, pls i wana knw wat d fee is lyk, d mode of payment n duration of coz. And wana knw if u operate in session. Here is ma no,
    08034218424. Tnx

  142. Pls!i wud lyk 2 knw mor abt d academy,if it train 4 both male nd female dresses.i nid 2 knw d cost of enrolling,location in lagos,nd sum oda vital num:08168729299/u cn reach my email

  143. Ur fashion designing outfit sounds interestn 2 me. sewing is my pastime nd l realy wnt 2 develop dt part of me bt my challenge is dt l av a very tight schedule. I don’t know if l’d be able 2get ur fashion books nd also full details of part time programmes, if u run any. I nid ur response urgently plsss…

  144. I need ur school’s contact, phone no. and address. I also want to know if ur academy is in abuja. Am very much interested. Pls u can text this no. 08030920040.

  145. Hi my name is kemi pls I will lyke to knw more abt ųя fashion school.d fee,duration for the course etc.pls get back to ♏є̲̣̣̣̥ as soon possible thru  email address.tanks n God bless.

  146. Hi,I learnt that you are realy good at teaching young people to be great designers,am glad becos am ready to learn.want to knw more abt dschool.this is my number 08030836277.u wl b proud of me.

  147. pls can i no the fees and location for 3 mths weekend training

  148. pls want to abt fees for 3 mths training during weekends

  149. my number is 08163188048

  150. We are five people we 1 2 know all about the school

  151. Am a student of unn.and i wil like 2 go into fasion.

  152. Hi,I wld like to have info on ur fee,duration nd location.pls reply 2 my email,thanks

  153. Hi am efe 4rm Edo state am crazy about knwin ur fashion out fit but especially bridals n cloth design pls can i knw ur tuition, specific trainin offered,nd all i need 2 knw pls respond via my mail

  154. Hi, I am Nancy from Lagos. I work week days. Do you offer weekend programmes? If yes, can you kindly send an email with the fee, location and duration/terms. Would really appreciate your reply. Thanks

  155. @ Bimpe and others resident in Abuja, there is a fashion training centre in Abuja.
    Exactitude Trends is a high fashion company offering Fashion Training in Abuja. Our fashion training focuses on Patternmaking and Dressmaking, and also specialises on Female Clothing.

    We are located in Area 8, Garki, Abuja.

    For further enquiries, e-mail: EXACTITUDETRENDS@GMAIL.COM
    OR CALL: 08069582178

    Warm Regards!

  156. @ Bimpe and others resident in Abuja, there is a fashion training centre in Abuja.

    Exactitude Trends is a high fashion company offering Fashion Training in Abuja. Our fashion training focuses on Patternmaking and Dressmaking, and also specialises on Female Clothing.

    We are located in Area 8, Garki, Abuja.

    For further enquiries, e-mail: EXACTITUDETRENDS@GMAIL.COM
    OR CALL: 08069582178

    Warm Regards!

  157. Check out Exactitude Trends fanpage on facebook using this link:

    Warm Regards!

  158. Am intrested in this,what are d fees like and where are u located in lagos.

  159. Please i need detail about the fashion school, need to know if you have space for fashion stylist and accomodation.

  160. @ Ahanonu and Komolafe; If your questions are directed to Exactitude Fashion Training, please informed that Exactitude Fashion Training currently runs in Abuja. And for all your other enquiries, kindly forward e-mails(s) to: EXACTITUDETRENDS@GMAIL.COM

    Warm Regards!

  161. Goodevening,pls i ll like to make enquiry abt ur fashion school.where is it located in lagos n what re d fees like for 3-4month course.i ll be waiting for ur response…..

  162. Hello, pls i will like to make enquiry about the school; cost, location and duration. Thanks.

  163. i just love your designs that it makes me to come and study fashion designing with you. i look up to you as my mentor who will have too guide through every step that i take in the fashion world

  164. Check out Exactitude Trends fanpage on facebook using this link:

  165. Please, I would like to know the cost of your training and for how long. I’m an undergraduate and I’m on 3months holiday. I would like to learn sewing and designing and if possible improve on knitting if you deal in that. Thanks. please I will be expecting your reply.

  166. Hi, i would like to know the cost of training coz i really want to learn designing and sewing. i’ll be expecting ur reply. Thanks.

  167. pls can someone tell me the detaily and enquiry of the fashion school,their fees

  168. Am happiness i love dressing good and like other’s lookin good. I want 2 know where u are staying at lagos? Pls contact me with this number 07062073724

  169. pls i want to know about d fee nd when to start…information pls…08037954339

  170. I like 2 know about d location of diz school in Lagos, the fee schedule and duration pls. thank you

  171. pls i’m really interested what is d fees like and how do u run ur programme. U can reach me on 08087666663 or08068172355

  172. Please am really interested in the programme. This is my dial 07088849827 or 08096818897

  173. Hi am realy interested in learning..pls i would like to have more information about this course…

  174. My contacts are 08057052541 08134788397..

  175. Kindly send me details of your course and tuition fee as well as your contact details to .

  176. Im an undergraduate and im currently on a 4 months break i would like to know what your fees is like for a 4 month course and where in lagos your academy is located.I sincerely anticipate your reply via my email address thank you

  177. am interested in your fashion school…where is it located and whats the tuition fee. my email address is OR you can call me on my number for the information 08167671846
    i look forward to hear from you

  178. Plc i need infor. about your fees and course duration and also your location in Lagos-State. You can send this infor to my email add or my phone number 08023896153.

  179. pls i wld like infomation about your school, about costs and program schedules. Pls send to my mail box. I would like to get this information as soon as possible.

  180. Dear All,

    A Morning session (9-11am) of Exactitude Trends Fashion Training is scheduled to start August 20, 2012.
    The Fashion Training focuses on Patternmaking & Dressmaking for both Beginner & Intermediate Class.

    Location is Abuja

    Kindly visit for updates and you may direct all your enquiries to EXACTITUDETRENDS@GMAIL.COM

    Warm regards!

  181. I love to be part of the training and pls the address and cost of fee.pls reply by mail or sms to 07060557272.tanx

  182. pls i would like to know where the fashion school is located and the cost 4 various sessions of the school pls reply by email.

  183. where is the fashion school located? and the cost for the courses. Thank you

  184. pls am intrested,detail me on how to get registered.

  185. pls am intrested,detail me on how to get registered.through my email.

  186. Pls I’ll like 2 get d full details on traning in the institution

  187. pls am intrested. detall me what is reguired and the cost for the course.

  188. pls i really want to attend this institute pls detail me on the fee, registration and accommodation through the email and phone number 08131077140 thanks

  189. Dear All,

    Exactitude Trends, located in Abuja, is the place to be for qualitative Fashion Training in Patternmaking & Dressmaking.

    For further enquiries, e-mail: EXACTITUDETRENDS@GMAIL.COM

    Warm Regards!

  190. Pls will like to know the duration,address,fee and if u teach on how to make shirt too.07031007777.

  191. Hi. Pls get back to me as regards fee, location, duration on hostel facilities for the fashion and dressmaking class. Am based in Lag and dis is for my younger sister

  192. Pls send me more info abt the so interested,i need to knw d location of d skol n d duration of the training..send me a mail.heres my no.08093548131

  193. Where are u located in Lagos and what are the neccessary requirement to get into ur school

  194. Learn the art of tailoring within 3months @ ZINNE COUTURE. Contact 08189133731, 08098032668, or write us at

  195. I don’t know if u specialize in bridal make over eg train people on au to do bridal hair and make d duration and cost of training.Pls reply ASAP

  196. For now we are only into tailoring training. We shall communicate as soon as we diversify. Thank you.

  197. I have so much interest. Pls, I need details with accommodation. 08163943949

  198. Am Queeneth,a secondary school student nd i want to study fashion designing after secondary school.I need infos on d fees nd were this is located in Lagos.My number is 08033515484 and my email is reply

  199. pls i will to know ur address and ur fee

  200. pls i will like to know ur address and ur fee

  201. Pls I ll be grateful if I get the full details about your fashion school, I intend to begin the classes as soon as I get your reply. Thanks

  202. Address 2 ur fahion school

  203. Hi,i am interested in this training can u please mail me to give me details of the programme

  204. Pls where is d location n how is d fee like. Send am sms on 08035369423

  205. Plz where is d location n fee

  206. do you guyz offer course for both boyz and girlz

  207. where is it located and how much does it cost

  208. pls,i want to know more about dis fashion school,am a fresh graduate in accounting,i will be going for service,febuary 2013,so i want to know if i can enroll during my service year.u can contact me on my or my dial:07035050245

  209. hi ,am so much interested but wnts to knw d cost for enrolling if its affordable n d duration plsssss so much interested cant wait to start.

  210. please i’ll like to have a general info on the school because am very much interested and I need to know the costs fee etc thanks and u can send it to my mail

  211. Im very much interested..pls,how much is d fee nd duration of course..cant wait to start..waiting to hear 4rm u..thanks..08120744476

  212. Good day, please i wil lyk to know wen ur classess wil start wil luv to learn ur fashion skills and do u guys train people on how to knit?

  213. Thanks for all the response and enquiries.

    Registration has already began for our classes. We are located at plot 41, Sultan Dansuki Road Kubwa Fct Abuja and you can reach us on 08098032668 or 08023032668, 08189133731 for further details. However we do not have accomodation facility we shall consider that in the nearest future.

    Duration of the course is 3mths for beginners and 3mth for advanced classes making it 6mths.

    Once again thanks for the enquiry and remain blessed in all your endeavours

  214. Hello,
    i’d like to knw ur location in lagos and more about d academy(tuition fee,duration & schedule etc) pls contact me as soon as possible with my email or

  215. Have you been seeking for a practical,carreer focused,result oriented and highly resourceful fashion school with all the paraphenelia of modern fashion designing?
    Are you tired of junk ‘fashion schools’?
    Do you want to become an upscale fashion designer in just 6months?.Do you have obsession towards fashion designing?,then let the best of the best train you.I will personally train you like i’ve trained others.Call me today on 08120100441

  216. I think i’m interested in your fashion school i will like to know if you have a branch in Abuja and what it takes to enroll. thanks

  217. I’m interested in the fashion school,So where is it located in lagos ,wat courses u offer, certificate u give, tution fees with d break down nd when d new session resume.

  218. plsss i want to knw bout ur fees am interested in fashion xoxoxo much

  219. am interested my ph. no is 08134995257, pls rply asap

  220. Hi,ive always been intrested in fashion design and luckly came across your website.please ild ilke to inquire about the fees,accomodation nd course duration.ild really be gald if i can get a feedback on these as soon as u possibly can.if there is any need to call my number is 08057070331.ild be expecting your replies.thanks

  221. Hello good evening, please I wud love to find out more about your fashion school, the durations and the fees, and also the courses u give. You can contact me on this number 08055955886 or send me an email Thank you.

  222. Hello…jst like everyone here I’d like 2 knw more abt d skul…like address, programmes n fee etc….u can send dem 2 my email @ or @ .thanks alot.

  223. Please I want to know in detail what I need to do in order to gain admission to your Academy. i will be looking forwad to your reply…. Thanks

  224. Pls am interested in a three months training and am a corper how much is the the fee and wats the timing like so ild be able to mix the two. Here is my number expecting a reply ASAP cos i cant wait to start. Thanks. 08121521387.

  225. Hi there. I’m particularly interesting in hair-do. I would so love to know how it works; in terms of duration, cost… 07013663073 Thanks.

  226. hi there,
    pls i want to know how much you offer for advanced class in the fashion and design course its urgent pls i really need to get the details on time so i can start preparations towards it.
    Warm Regards,

  227. Pls I would like to know more about the school and the tuition for advanced class thanks

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  229. Pls I want to know where u people are located,ur fees,months or years of training,pls tell me I need it urgently,I need to start fast because I want to be a very successful person so that people those people that are looking at me as good for nothing will be surprise to see me

  230. i need to know more about u, ur programs and ur fees

  231. Kindly send me your contact email. I have a proposal i want to send to you which will further increase your business patronage.

  232. hello plss is dis sch located in abuja, pls wats d location and how much 4 d fees thankzzzz… need immediate answers

  233. Good day, pls I would like to know more about your company in terms of location, programs, cost, time of study and so on. Also if there’s going to be an installmental payment. I would also what to know what you are offering in terms of materials to work with. Thanks as I await your reply.

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  235. Hi,i wnt 2 attend your school,but i don’t knw hw 2 reach u.pls dis are my numbers 08031199650,09030598100

  236. hi, i want to find out where the school is located and if you have part time class and the fee for such class.

  237. Hey.Good day.I will like to know more about your school.Requirements/Registration. my number is 08037877076.Thanks

  238. Hey.Good day.I will like to know more about your school.Requirements/Registration. my number is 08037977076.Thanks

  239. pls i will like to know the cost of enrolling,program schedule and where u where are located pls do send me a mail as soon as u can

  240. pls i will like to know the cost of enrolling,program schedule and where u where are located pls do send me a mail as soon as u can
    tanks,or u can send it to ma number

  241. Pls I will to enroll in your fashion school,where is your address in lagos or Abuja and what’s the fee

  242. ђī ī’๓ ♩มlīคกค… ī’ld l๐ⅴє τ๐ кก๐ฬ τђє ค๓๐มกτ ๐Ŧ τђє Ŧєєร…#τђīกк є๓ īกτ๐ τђīร..-08095117503

  243. How much will it cost to brush up by designing skills for three months.

  244. Good day please I will love to know how much it cost and what and what am I gonna be shown how to sew thanks my number 08032600415

  245. Pls i want to enroll in ur fashion school,i love fashion with passion,pls where are u people located i want to join and become a wonderful fashion designer,pls e mail me,pls i want to see ur reply as soon as possible

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